Conflict Exploration: Science in a changing climate

The role of individual researchers

Wildlife Research: Yann Gager

Yann Gager working in Panama © Matthieu Ménage
Figure 1. Flatten the curve for climate risks.
© Markus Spiske — Unsplash
  • Universities have a role in tackling climate by divesting from fossil fuels and reducing their carbon footprints.
  • Every research institute should have a task-force for developing measures to reduce the institute’s contribution to climate change.
  • All research institutes should offer the option for employees to do home-office part of the week
  • Scientists should generally reduce flying. Furthermore, scientists should refrain from short-haul business flights and travel by train instead.
  • All scientific conferences should offer an option for online-participation only, also for presenters.
  • Scientific conferences should be more sustainable for example by serving vegetarian and local food and banning single-use plastics.
  • Scientists from diverse disciplines are welcome to communicate and join the fight against climate change.

Call for discussion



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