Cost of Freedom


We are honored to repost this preview of Cost of Freedom, a 2004 film by director and producer Vanessa Schulz. Sadly, this enduring and timely story is fraught with destruction — and the plight of wolves remains entrenched in socio-political conflict, leaving these individuals and groups beleaguered in ecological crisis and suffering the cost of misaligned values and policies rooted in human supremacy. Without a shifted moral sense and human behavior change, wolves — as individual wild lives and as communities — will continue to endure brutal killing along with felt communal losses of safety, social connection, home, and wellbeing.

From 21st Paradigm:

Cost of Freedom is the story of a wolf the feds named B36F. She was one of 66 wolves brought from Canada to the lower 48 states during the Wolf Reintroduction Program of 1995. While other wolves formed packs, B36 roamed the Idaho mountains alone. After several years, she found her mate — a native wolf that biologists called “The Old Man” — and gave birth to a litter of puppies that many people saw as an indication of the reintroduction experiment’s success. What followed would not only question that theory of success but expose the complicity of the US government in the subsidized destruction of the American west.

Watch the full film here. We hope this inspires you to take action in any way that you can.

Photo by Thomas Bonometti |Unsplash

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