Francisco Santiago-Ávila, PhD is a Fellow and board member of PAN Works, as well as a staffer at both Project Coyote and The Rewilding Institute, two organizations working for a more wild and caring world.

In this webinar for Project Coyote, Fran discusses what it means to recognizing who nonhuman animals are, what they value, and what it means to respect them within conservation and rewilding. Drawing on compassionate conservation, multispecies justice and ecofeminist nature ethics, Fran converges on an ethics of care and respect, and the need to appreciate both interdependency and reciprocity in order for people, animals and nature to thrive together.

We are fortunate to have Fran as part of our team, and sure you will find this webinar fascinating. Please visit PAN Works for more about our work on ethics and animal wellbeing.




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